The clinker boat "Storbåt Tacksamheten"

The clinker boat "Storbåt Tacksamheten" is a replica of a 19th century cargo vessel. It will be used for island excursions and modern-day cargo jobs.
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Loppukiri...The final push

The list of boatbuilding chores is coming to end...However, there are a number of small details everywhere that need attention, especially the ones that are critical to the launching of the boat. Read more..

our sails

Tupakeittiö...The Galley

The dining area should accomodate up to 6 persons and we also wanted an extra bunk in the dining room by allowing the table to be lowered down. Read more..


Makuukamari...Sleeping quarters !!

The work inside the boat is progressing at a good, steady pace...After the toilet was done we moved over to the forward part of the main cabin and started building the sleeping quarters. Read more..